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Best Time to Contact Customer Service

Customer Service Response Time

When we grouped tickets by the hour that they were created and then looked at average first reply times (FRT), the trend is somewhat intuitive: Tickets submitted outside of normal business hours have the slowest FRT. However, things tend to speed up when tickets are submitted around 9:00 a.m., after the tickets submitted from the night before have been dealt with but before the tickets from the day have begun to accumulate. Finally, FRT hits a peak around 6:00 p.m. when much of the support staff leaves for the day and non-urgent tickets may have to wait 12-14 hours before the next fully staffed shift begins and agents start tackling the queue.


Copyable PDF Text that is Somehow not Searchable

Well, the title of this post says it all. I downloaded a PDF from somewhere and wanted to search the contents. I could highlight text within the document. I could copy the highlighted text and then successfully paste it into, say, Notepad++. However, when I tried to search within the PDF, Adobe Reader would just appear to search through the entire document and return no results for words that were clearly there.

I could think of no reason for this, of course, but didn’t really have any ideas about how to remedy the situation. So, I had the idea to try downloading a different PDF reader. The first I came across is a free reader called Sumatra. The download and install process was very easy. I opened the troublesome PDF in Sumatra and immediately was able to search the text.

Sumatra in Action

Update: September 17, 2014

Since writing the above, I have tried opening the same problem document on a Mac (running Mavericks). Because I have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on this Mac, Adobe Reader was defaulted to open that PDF. Strangely enough, the document opened without incident and I was able to search text! However, when I tried to scroll to various pages, I was thwarted by error messages at many different turns. My first instinct again was to find an alternate PDF viewer. I found the open source PDFView, but it didn’t work either after a certain page number. Then, I recalled that Mac OS comes with a PDF reader, Preview. Preview reads the document just fine and searches text with no problem at all.